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Do you have Time To Teach™?

Classroom management was rated as the most important factor affecting student achievement as noted in three different comprehensive studies.  Incidentally, classroom management is also one of the reasons why educators are leaving the profession within the first three to five years on the job.

Precious instructional time is lost daily to management of pesky, low-level behavior.  In order for teachers to successfully deliver content, it is necessary to eliminate the small, annoying challenges that occur in every classroom.  Once students are under control, learning can take place.

Time To Teach™ provides teachers with techniques and strategies that change the culture in their classrooms. Teachers who have implemented Time To Teach™ have:
  • increased test scores
  • expanded parental involvement
  • improved teacher job satisfaction
  • been empowered to positively manage behaviors in their classrooms rather than send students to the office
  • taught more curriculum
  • easily handled larger classes
  • eliminated multiple warnings and repeated requests

Professional development for teachers in classroom management is crucial each year.  Time To Teach™ training for schools can be paid for using Title I and Title II, Part A funds.  The techniques and strategies can also be aligned with PBIS and other school-wide behavior support systems.

There is a training configuration developed as a full-day training for teachers.  If a six-hour day is not feasible, the information can be delivered in shorter spurts over a few staff meetings instead.

Full Day (6 hr) Training - Time To Teach™ Five Core Components
  • Maintaining Self Control - how to remain calm and set a learning tone in the classroom
  • Classroom design - how to arrange the classroom to promote optimal learning
  • Teaching expected behaviors - how to explicitly teach behavioral expectations
  • Reflection and consequences - how to help students reflect on their behaviors and return to class with dignity
  • Student-teacher relationships - how to build and maintain strong relationships.


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